Student Poster Competition - Winners announced!

Congratulations to the winners and all finalists!

» Here are the winners of the the EFTF 2014 Poster Competition (click for pdf).

The finalists for the EFTF 2014 Student Poster Competition are as follow :

Click on the Paper ID for more details.

Paper ID Title
7164 Quartz-Based Vibrating MEMS on Structured Silicon Using Wafer Bonding Technology
7176 Assessment of the Acoustic Shear Velocity in SiO2 and Mo for Acoustic Reflectors
7276 Effects of a Plasma Etching Process on a Longitudinally Coupled Resonator Filter
7284 Active Electronic Cancellation of Nonlinearity in a High-Q Longitudinal-Mode Silicon Resonator by Current Biasing
7230 Photodiode Nonlinear Modeling and its Impact on Optical Links Phase Noise
7301 Compact Low Phase Noise 3.8GHz Oscillator
7069 High-Purity Microwave Signal from a Dual-Frequency Semiconductor Laser for CPT Atomic Clocks
7196 Experimental and Numerical Study of the Microwave Field Distribution in a Compact Magnetron-Type Microwave Cavity
7212 Mitigation of Frequency Shifts in a Cold-Atom Coherent Population Trapping Clock
7242 Imaging Rb-Wall Interactions and Microwave Fields in Vapor Cells
7034 Miniature Optical Fiber Cavity for a Trapped Atom Clock
7293 Electromagnetic Induction Readout Silicon-on-Insulator MEMS Resonant Magnetometer
7307 Studying Particulate Adsorption by Drying Droplets on a Microfabricated Electro-Acoustic Resonator
7150 Time Transfer Over Delay-Stabilized Fibre Links Using an Optical Pulse Train
7201 A Detection Algorithm of Atomic Clock Frequency Jumps with the Prediction Wiener Filter
7203 In-Line Extraction of an Ultra-Stable Frequency Signal Over an Optical Fiber Link
7288 A Method of Satellite Autonomous on-Board Clock Monitoring Using High-Stability Crystal Oscillator
7052 On the Prospects of Building Optical Atomic Clocks Using Er I or Er III
7112 Laser Stabilization System for Space Applications Based on Hydroxide-Catalysis Bonding
7165 An Ultra-Low Frequency Noise Laser Based on a 48 cm Long Ule Cavity for a Sr Lattice Clock
7179 Thin Disk Lasers Enable High-Power Frequency Combs

The student poster competition will take place on Tuesday afternoon from 14:00 to 15:40.
The finalist posters will remain posted during the whole conference. The poster format is A0 (84.1 cm wide x 118.9 cm tall).

Important note: if the abstract was selected for ORAL presentation, the student is required to present anyway the poster in the dedicated poster area to be eligible for the student poster competition.



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